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November 14, 2022

What are the techniques for making gift boxes?

A beautiful gift box will make the product more valuable, and it will also be more face-saving for the gift-giver, so what are the common techniques when making gift boxes?

gift box

The commonly used production processes of gift boxes include lamination, bump, bronzing, UV (crystal), etc. If it is a color box packaging, it will be divided into four-color printing or spot-color printing when designing the color.

1. Convex process:

The concave and concave process is to make a concave stencil and a convex stencil from the desired pattern, and press out the embossed concave-convex graphic and text through a large pressure. Concave and convex are mostly used for post-press processing of printed matter and paper containers, so as to obtain a vivid and beautiful three-dimensional effect, such as for trademarks, cigarette packs, cartons, New Year cards, bottle labels, etc. The level of printing patterns presented by the concave-convex process It is the finishing touch to the gift box.

2. Bronzing and silvering process:

The hot stamping process is to use the principle of hot pressing transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect. Because the main material used for hot stamping is anodized aluminum foil, so bronzing is also called anodized aluminum hot stamping. . Anodized aluminum foil is usually composed of multiple layers of materials, followed by release coating, color coating, metal coating (aluminum plating) and glue coating.

3. Embossing process:

Similar to the concave-convex process, the concave-convex mold is used to deform the printed matter with a certain pressure, so that the surface of the printed matter presents patterns and textures of different shades, with an obvious embossed three-dimensional effect, which enhances the texture of the gift box.

4. Lamination process:

Also known as "over-plastic", "laminating", "filming", etc., from the visual sense, there are light film and matte film, from the touch, there is a cortex-like tactile film, and there is also a brilliant quicksand starlight film. Film refers to a transparent plastic film that is attached to the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase the gloss. Lamination has been widely used in book covers, picture albums, commemorative albums, postcards, product brochures, calendars and maps for surface binding and protection.

The craftsmanship of the gift box is complex and varied, and the corresponding craftsmanship is adopted according to different design effects, which also creates the price of each box. HC Packaging Asia is a gift box company. It provides one-stop service from design, proofing, to production and delivery. It provides free design and proofing services. If you have needs for packaging boxes, please come to consult.