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November 09, 2022

Common gift box styles

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the design brand and style of product packaging have been greatly improved. The design style of gift box is also constantly changing, and gradually formed its own style. Gift box mainly There are three styles: traditional, minimal, and eco-friendly.

gift box

1.The traditional style

The traditional style of gift box is widely used in the market. The traditional style pays attention to a mix and match. Through the mix and match design, the design of the gift box is classic without losing the trend to meet the needs of all kinds of people in the market, whether it is young or old. Crowds are more accepting of traditional gift boxes. This style can meet the different appreciation needs of more customers, and can also attract young people who are pursuing fashion trends, so it is also highly respected at present.

2. Minimalist style

The minimalist style can make the whole space look open and smooth, which not only amplifies the sense of space, but also makes the packaging design more visual. Of course, the minimalist style does not refer to the simple decoration with nothing, but to taste the elegant quality of life in the simple life and feel the minimalist clothing.

3. Environmental style

With the improvement of environmental awareness, people pay more and more attention to the importance of the natural environment to health. Many designers choose to integrate green and environmental protection concepts into the design of the gift box, so that the whole gift box is full of natural gas, which not only delights the customer's mood, but also is a good space decoration. Let consumers feel relaxed and happy, and have a feeling of being close to nature when touching.

The above is about the common design styles of gift boxes. If you need a packaging box, you can contact us. As a gift box, HC Packaging Asia specializes in the production of various styles of packaging boxes. Welcome to inquire.