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November 15, 2022

What are the factors that affect the price of gift boxes?

In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of gift boxes. Even if there are two boxes that look almost the same, the price may be very different. Today, I will briefly introduce to you the factors that affect the price of gift boxes.

gift box

1. Material:

Gift boxes can be roughly divided into paper boxes, leather boxes, wooden boxes, etc. according to the material. The unit price of different materials is very different. The same material, taking paper as an example, the price of white cowhide is much higher than that of yellow cowhide. The same paper has different weights and different prices.

2. Production process:

The more craftsmanship and the more complex the craftsmanship, the higher the gift box unit cost. For example, in the same printing process, the finished product printed by ordinary printing machine is far from the finished product printed by Heidelberg printing machine, and the price of Heidelberg printing is also higher.

3. Size:

A box with a larger unit size has more correct consumables and a higher price than a box with a smaller unit size.

4. Quantity:

Many manufacturers, especially custom manufacturers, will set a minimum order quantity, because if you buy a small amount of products, you also need to open the mold, charge the mold opening fee, the mold opening fee, etc. are equally spread on each gift box, packaging box The price of the product will naturally be high. If the quantity is large, the mold opening fee and the knife plate fee evenly spread to each box can be ignored. Therefore, the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price of the gift box.

5. Management cost and labor cost:

Labor salary, house rent, water, electricity, transportation, etc. in each area directly affect the final cost. Different regions have different wages for employees. Rent and rent are different. The season and period will also affect it. For example, during the special period near the Spring Festival, the more urgent the order, the higher the unit gift box price.

The above is a preliminary summary of the major factors that affect the price of the gift box. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you need, you can contact us, we will provide you with satisfactory service. HC Packaging Asia is a gift box exporter, providing one-stop service from design, proofing, to production and delivery, providing free design and proofing services. If you have a demand for packaging boxes, please come to consult.