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November 16, 2022

Gift box customization precautions

More and more companies choose to customize gift boxesto meet the company's gift or product packaging needs, adding more intangible value to products. However, there are still many things to pay attention to in the production customization of the gift box. Let me introduce to you below.

gift box

1. Style:

Common gift box designs include clamshell, drawer, combined, portable, etc. You can choose according to the actual situation.

2. Style:

When designing a gift box, we need to comprehensively consider the image, characteristics, target group, etc. of the gift box, not only from our own perspective, but also from the perspective of consumers, and adopt personalized design to attract consumer. Moreover, different regions or ethnic groups have different preferences and taboos on colors and patterns due to different social systems, religious beliefs and customs. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the market before customizing the design.

3. Material:

When the gift box is customized, it is necessary to determine what kind of material is needed. A good material can better highlight the taste of the gift box, but the environmental protection of the material must not be ignored, and packaging materials that pollute and smell cannot be selected. In addition, if the gift box is to be carried by mail or long-distance, then the firmness of the gift box must be considered, and various problems that may occur during transportation, such as anti-wear, waterproof, etc., must be considered.

4. Printing:

The gift box printing process also affects the quality of the gift box. In today's era, the printing technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the options are becoming wider and wider. However, it should be noted that the selection of materials, craftsmanship and styles of packaging should reflect the advanced nature of technology. For example, the three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging made by the concave-convex process can reflect the excellent achievements of science and technology through novel and unique packaging styles, reflecting the superior performance of gift box packaging.

The production and customization of gift boxes is not as simple as I thought. From the beginning of communication, design, determination of patterns, to production customization, the whole process is closely linked, especially in the later production and production, every step must be done well. Craftsmanship requires mastery.

The above is about the aspects that need to be paid attention to when customizing the gift box, I hope it will help you. If you need to customize the gift box, welcome to consult. HC Packaging Asia is a professional packaging box company that produces high-quality products with guaranteed after-sales service.