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November 21, 2022

Gift box design elements

The design requirements of gift boxes are very high. Not only are they required to be exquisite, but they are also required to complement the realization of the packaged products, and at the same time, they can better enhance the corporate image. Therefore, it is very important to choose a gift box manufacturer. A successful packaging box and design are inseparable. The following will introduce the design elements of the gift box.

gift box

1. Material selection: The correct choice of gift box material directly affects the competitiveness of the product, so material selection is very important;

2. Color: The color of the design and the product are best coordinated, which is very important. This is a constituent element that stimulates consumer consumption. A reasonable combination of hues highlights the characteristics of the product and gives customers a strong appeal;

3. The shape of the packaging: It is very important to design the shape of the packaging according to the physical properties of the product, and we must also take into account factors such as transportation and display;

4. Pattern: This is the core element to leave a product impression to users, and it is also the main element to test the designer. It is indispensable and very critical;

5. Product label: This part of the content allows us to have a certain understanding of the product, including the brand, production date, expiration date, usage, etc.;

6. Brand: Each product has its own brand. This physical property is unique to it and cannot be owned by other products. We must ensure its accuracy.

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